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What Is Parquet Wood Flooring in Newcastle

Many people have been wondering when they hear about parquet flooring. They have no clue about this type of floor. And they can’t be blamed because, one of the popular type of flooring either. So let’s understand what parquet is all about. To begin with, let’s take a look at how this flooring option functions.

In simpler words, parquet flooring is configured using small blocks of wood. These are stuck together to form different types of patterns. These are generally laid on a layer of soft wood so that they have an even feel on over them.

When the process is completed, it creates patterns and designs on the flooring that are unique and looks different from any other type that you may have seen. This is what parquet is all about.

Let us now understand the functionality of parquet flooring. It is really simple….

The main intention behind is to create different types of geometric designs on the floor and keep the look uniform. This process can be done by hand or by using machines. Either way they look like a formation off tiles being laid on the floor. The only difference is that these tiles are made of wood. Soft wood, to be precise.

Let us now look at how to install parquet as you flooring option. This is also a simple process. The only care you need to take these to get professionals to install it. People who do not know the process can cause you monetary losses as the installation may not be proper.

This can be a big loss. So it is better to get the right people for this job. Once this is done, you really need to take care of other factors only after the installation is complete.

Once you have installed your parquet, you only need to look at things that could damage it. As with any other type of wood, moisture is the biggest enemy here. You should also ensure that you do not pull or drag the hard objects on this type of floor.

Cleaning and maintaining can be done using a wet cloth and that is all the maintenance that you need to bear in mind. Apart from this, there are polishes and solutions available in the market that can help you maintain these type flooring. It is a really simple process.

Other things that you need to take care of. When you design your parquet flooring, you should not keep any gaps on the surface open. It is critical that these gaps are sealed so that moisture cannot get into these gaps.

Once you’ve taken care of this aspect, the usual process of cleaning and mopping are enough to maintain that.

When vacuuming, use care so that you do not scratch the surface of your floor with your machine. Always use quality cleaning products to ensure that your flooring does not stain or incur damage due to inferior chemicals found in cheaper cleaning agents.

Apart from this, you only need to ensure that you keep your parquet scratch free similar to what you would do for bamboo flooring.

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