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Going For Parquet Wood Flooring? Here’s What They Don’t Tell You in Newcastle

Using parquet wood flooring in your house is a great way to go. Parquets are available nowadays in every imaginable color and size. They look great and give you a feeling of warmth that cannot be reached by stone tiles. If you live in a cold area that’s even better as parquets are much nicer to walk on in cold weather. You can even walk barefooted. There are a few issues you need to look into before you jump into flooring your house with parquets.

Issue number one – wood on laminate parquet? The wooden parquet is more “authentic”, but in reality most people today will go for laminate parquet. It’s more durable, doesn’t require any treatments and comes in more colors. It’s also easier to replace and in many cases – cheaper. I would suggest that you go for the laminate product, unless you are a wood “fanatic” and need your floor to be %100 wood. If you do, take into account the maintenance cost of a wooden parquet floor.

Issue number two – Allergies. Before you install your floor make sure you or any of the house members are not allergic to dust. It seems strange, but parquet seems to be a more dusty environment. Dust can get on, into and under the parquet and it’s not east to clean as granite tiles, for instance. So make a note of that and be smart beofre you make a mistake that may cause you a lot of inconvenience.

Issue number Three – Does it mash together with the rest of the house? You may have stone floor in other parts of the house or even other parquets. So make sure your plans for the designated room go together with other parts of the house.

So if everything goes well, you should take that step and install the parquet wood flooring you wanted in your house. Great job!

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